Company Information

Name: Barcelona Mortgage Servicing, SL,

Address: c/ Muntaner, 200, 3º5ª, de 08036 Barcelona,

CIF: B-66694027

Registration: Registered in the Barcelona Mercantile Register in volume 45196, sheet 36, page 479939, 1st entry.

Contact details: tel.

Barcelona Mortgage Servicing, S.L. (hereinafter BMS), whose trademark is Casa de Crédito, is an independent financial intermediation company specializing in the granting of private equity loans, fast loans and mortgages from leading private lenders. It is registered in the Bank of Spain’s register of real estate credit intermediaries and real estate lenders under number D029. We operate under the regulation of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality under Law 2/2009 and Law 5/2019. We have been registered in the register of financial intermediaries under number 607/2016.

The activity of BMS consists of channelling the financing requests made by its clients by presenting them to potential lenders. The conditions reflected on the website are indicative and in no way binding.

Financial institutions and other types of lenders may modify the conditions at any time and without prior notice.

All the transactions in which BMS intervenes as a mediator, will be signed directly with the financial institutions or real estate lenders and are subject to the approval of the latter according to the profile and the information provided by the client. BMS is not responsible for the conditions offered or the commercial or legal relations that may be established between the financial institutions or real estate lenders and the client.