Risks and warnings

  1. The contracting of a mortgage loan implies assuming important monetary obligations. Therefore, it is convenient to get advice before contracting the loan, compare the different products existing in the market and inform yourself about the consequences that could arise from not being able to assume the acquired commitments.
  2. Barcelona Mortgage Servicing, SL (“BMS”) offers intermediation services with private equity investment companies and non-banks. The possible offers of financing that BMS will provide as an intermediary are based on the prices of alternative channels to traditional banking, with higher ordinary interest rates than those used by the commonly known financial and credit institutions; this higher price responds to the greater risk assumed in the financing of customers with vetoed or temporarily limited access to traditional banking, attending to their circumstances in a competitive and professional manner.
  3. The Client must be in his full cognitive capacity to be able to contract. Any concealment or omission of relevant information in this respect with regard to BMS will give rise to actions against it.
  4. BMS requires its Clients to provide true and authentic information, and the Client is responsible for the documentation and information provided, to the detriment of the Client itself, any deception regarding its ability to repay the loan or future solvency, as this could be to the detriment of the guarantees provided at the time of contracting.
  5. In order to compare mortgage loans, it is useful to compare the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of each of the products offered, made up of both nominal interest and the rest of the commissions and expenses linked to the loan.
  6. The mortgage-secured loan is a business unit based on related and non-removable contracts, such that due to the characteristics of the borrower the loan would not have been granted without the consent to provide a mortgage security.
  7. The borrower must inform the lender of any change in the criteria analysed regarding the creditworthiness of the debtors.
  8. The borrower is aware of and expressly consents to the lender requesting and consulting his or her financial situation in both public and private Solvency Databases.
  9. The Client has the right to examine the Draft Mortgage Loan Deed with 3 days’ notice (or more in the event of an extension of the term by the Autonomous Community regulations).
    The borrower has the right to choose a notary in the judicial district that is related to the subjective elements involved (parties to the contract) or to the real element of the contract (mortgaged property). The choice can be made by telematic means plus subsequent appearance at the chosen notary’s office or simply by appearance at the notary’s office for the drawing up of the corresponding notarial deed.
    Likewise, the borrower has the right to receive free advice from the notary for the formalisation of the contract, without prejudice to the answers to the doubts that he may address to the lender.
  10. The contracting of a mortgage loan implies assuming important monetary obligations for which it is convenient to compare with other financing companies.
  11. The Client must be aware that his economic situation may vary during the period of the loan and must analyze and consent to his obligations with respect to the mortgage loan under this premise.
  12. In case you foresee the lack of punctual attention to the payment of the committed quotas, it is advisable to inform the creditor entity as soon as possible, in order to be able to analyze alternatives that avoid the anticipated resolution of the loan and the execution of the lent guarantees.
  13. In the event of non-payment of the loan, you may lose ownership of the mortgaged property. In spite of this, and in case the guarantee does not cover the totality of what is owed, the Client will have to respond for the remaining debt and the interests that it generates, with all its present and future goods.