Complaints and claims


Day by day we strive to provide our customers with a committed and quality service. If, despite our efforts, you are not satisfied with us and wish to make a complaint or claim, here is how to proceed:

Who can claim:

The participants in any financial intermediation contract signed with Barcelona Mortgage Servicing, S.L.

How to claim:

The claim or complaint must be sent by post (c/Muntaner 200, 3º, 5ª -08036- Barcelona) or by e-mail to the following address:, in accordance with Law 59/2003 of 19 December on Electronic Signatures. You may also contact us for any further information you may require by calling our customer service number: 93-100.23.42.

The claim or complaint must be made in writing and must include your personal details, address, loan protocol, authorising notary, date of signature and the facts that justify your claim.

Minimum content of the claim:

You must submit your claim accompanied by all the documentation supporting the allegations made in your interest. It must necessarily be accompanied by your national identity document or specific power of attorney for such management with the specific indication of the loan to which it refers (protocol number, date, notary’s office and names of borrowers and mortgage holders). In the event that a claim has been made without attaching and identifying all the documentation necessary to answer it, Barcelona MS reserves the right to file the file opened due to lack of documentation two months after the request for sending the complementary documents that may be necessary to resolve the claim made. The archiving of a file as a result of the failure to provide the required documentation in due time, will not prevent its reopening if the claimant provides it at a later time.

How we resolve your claim:

In response to your claims and complaints, Barcelona MS will acknowledge receipt and analyze them with the competent personnel for analysis and resolution. Barcelona MS will resolve your claim or complaint within one month. For the purposes of calculating this period, the start of this period shall be the time at which the complaint or claim is presented, regardless of whether the calculation can be interrupted if it has not been correctly presented; in the latter case, the calculation of the period started at the time shall be resumed. The resolution shall be binding on the real estate credit intermediary.

BMS will forward the resolution of the complaint or claim by the same means as it was filed.

Once your claim or complaint has been rejected or the maximum period for resolution has elapsed, you may submit your complaint, within a maximum period of one year from the date on which the complaint was lodged (not from the resolution of the complaint), to the entity for the resolution of consumer disputes in the financial sector, referred to in the first additional provision of Law 7/2017 of 2 November, which incorporates into Spanish law Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and Council, of 21 May 2013.

Until the entry into force of the Law provided for in the first additional provision of Law 7/2017 of 2 November, the claims service of the Banco de España will be regulated by Article 30 of Law 44/2002 of 22 November on Financial System Reform Measures.

Banco de España’s claims service
C/ Alcalá, 48, 28014 Madrid
Telephone: 91-338.65.30

Statistical Commitment

BMS undertakes to prepare periodic statistics, which will be available to the supervisory entity (Banco de España), on the cases presented, resolved and the final decision adopted, with a copy of all the complaints or claims filed and their resolution being kept in the BMS files.


BARCELONA MORTGAGE SERVICING, S.L. has the following internal means to properly process complaints and/or claims:

Within the structure of the company, there is a department for the resolution of complaints and claims, made up of a salaried worker, who must hold a training certificate of 50 teaching hours, accrediting the completion of a training course and the passing of an exam, the training itinerary being that of “marketing or contracting property loans”.

The complaints and claims resolution department reports directly to the Sole Administrator of the BMS company, who is also responsible for appointing the person in charge of the complaints and claims resolution department.

Our customers can use the channels we have been authorised to use to resolve any doubts, complaints or claims. The claims or complaints made will be resolved within one month from the date they are made, and this resolution will be binding for the real estate credit intermediary.

In this sense, the means that BMS has at its disposal to resolve your complaints or claims are

Postal mail. BMS has an office open to the public from 9am to 6.30pm, where any of its customers can send their complaints or claims by post.
Web page. The BMS website ( has a section on the main page called “Complaints and claims” where you can see the Barcelona MS protocol for the resolution of claims and where there is an e-mail box to which any interested party can send a claim, as well as being able to download the official “Claim Form”.
E-mail box. We put at the disposal of our clients the e-mail box, where they can address any suggestion, complaint or claim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
CRM-ERP. BMS has a CRM-ERP computer tool that allows us to register the complaint or claim made, assign it to the person responsible for its resolution and monitor the processing.